Varoujan Hovakimyan is an Armenian-American artist who looks to explore the themes of time, the universe and self-exploration. Never sketching a painting beforehand, Hovakimyan starts a piece by establishing a mood, applying some initial marks, shapes and colors and then seeing where they take him. Drawing upon a wide variety of media and techniques, Hovakimyan attempts to unpick the way we perceive things and to understand how we are so different from each other, and yet ultimately the same.

Varoujan Hovakimyan was born in 1978 in Armenia’s capital city, Yerevan. From 1994-99 he studied Graphic Arts at the SAFAA (State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia) in Yerevan focusing on drawing, painting, illustration, and printmaking. In 1999 he moved to Los Angeles. For the past 22 years living in LA he had quite a few solos and numerous group exhibitions and participated in nationally and internationally acclaimed art shows and festivals in US and Armenia.


« All of my work is an exploration of human perceptions, where the simplest ideas can turn into layered, complex puzzles and the intricate ones into brightly illuminated paths or symbols. »


Varouján Hovakimyan: Music as Image, Image as Form by Peter Frank